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Release History

Trimble Forestry Mobile Builder consists of two components that work together 1) the Mobile Builder Client (for Android, iOS, Windows) and 2) the Mobile Builder Server (available on Windows Server 2008 R2 or later).

Read previous Release Notes in our News section which highlights the main changes for each production release.  Alternatively review a list of Enhancements and Bug Fixes posted for each Sprint.

At the moment our energy is focused on releases for Android and iOS.


*Current published releases for Android 4.4 or greater. **Available on Google Play - search for Mobile Builder.
ReleaseVersionRelease Date
Production Release**1.0.1141*December 10, 2017
DEMO/Dealer Release 1.0.1142*December 10, 2017
Previous Production Release0.9.1062September 24, 2017
Previous DEMO/Dealer Release 0.9.1063September 24, 2017
Production Release0.9.1024July 23, 2017
DEMO/Dealer Release 0.9.1025July 23, 2017
Production Release0.9.994June 29, 2017
DEMO/Dealer Release 0.9.1003June 29, 2017
Previous Production Release0.9.966May 28th, 2017
Previous DEMO/Dealer Release 0.9.967May 28th, 2017
Previous Production Release 0.9.929April 16th, 2017
Previous Dealer Release0.9.930April 16th, 2017
Previous Production Release 0.9.908March 5th, 2017
Previous Dealer Release0.9.909March 5th, 2017
Previous Production Release 0.9.888January 29th, 2017
Previous Dealer Release0.9.889January 29th, 2017
Previous Release (Patch 20170106)0.9.859January 6th, 2017
Previous Dealer Release (Patch 20161221)0.9.848December 21st, 2016
Previous Production Release (Patch 20161221)0.9.847December 21st, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.843December 11th, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.821November 6th, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.822November 6th, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.787October 2nd, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.788October 2nd, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.746August 22nd, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.747August 22nd, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.726July 24th, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.727July 24th, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.679June 20th, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.680June 20th, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.674June 12th, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.675June 12th, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.677June 14th, 2016
Previous Preview Production Release0.9.673June 12th, 2016
Previous Preview Production Release 0.9.665June 6th, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.658May 29th, 2016
Previous Dealer Release 0.9.659May 29th, 2016
Preview Production Release 0.9.620April 17th, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.621April 17th, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.602March 13th, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.603March 13th, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.588January 31st, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.589January 31st, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.572November 29th, 2015
Previous Dealer Release0.9.573November 29th, 2015
Previous Production Release0.9.548October 18th, 2015
Previous Dealer Release0.9.549October 18th, 2015
Eco2 Release0.9.515*September 9th, 2015
Previous Production Release0.9.516September 9th, 2015
Previous Dealer Release0.9.517September 9th, 2015
BCTS Release0.9.486*August 7th, 2015
Previous Eco2 Release0.9.487August 7th, 2015
Previous Production Release0.9.488August 7th, 2015
Previous Dealer Release0.9.489August 7th, 2015
Sprint 260.9.470July 27th, 2015
Previous Production Release0.9.461July 10th, 2015
Previous Dealer Release0.9.462July 10th, 2015
Previous Eco2 Release0.9.460July 10th, 2015
Sprint 240.9.433June 30th, 2015
Sprint 230.9.427June 16th, 2015
Sprint 220.9.426June 03th, 2015
Sprint 210.9.424May 13th, 2015
Sprint 200.9.417April 30th, 2015
Sprint 190.9.412April 15th, 2015
Previous Production Release0.9.399March 28th, 2015
Previous Eco2 Release0.9.400March 28th, 2015
Previous Dealer Release0.9.401March 28th, 2015
Sprint 170.9.397March 25th, 2015
Previous Production Release0.9.375February 26th, 2015
Previous Dealer Release0.9.374February 25th, 2015
Sprint 150.9.367February 25th, 2015
Sprint 140.9.354February 10th, 2015
Sprint 130.9.343January 20th, 2015
Sprint 120.9.334January 14, 2015
Sprint 110.9.319December 17, 2014
Sprint 100.9.305November 24, 2014
Sprint 090.9.298November 7th, 2014
Sprint 080.9.284October 24th, 2014
Sprint 070.9.259October 10th, 2014
Sprint 060.9.235September 23rd, 2014
Sprint 050.9.224September 4th, 2014
Sprint 040.9.214August 8th, 2014


*Current published releases for iOS 7.1.1 up to 11.0.
ReleaseVersionRelease Date
Production Release1.0.1954*December 10, 2017
DEMO/Dealer Release1.0.1955*December 10, 2017
Previous Production Release0.9.1875September 24, 2017
Previous DEMO/Dealer Release0.9.1876September 24, 2017
BCTS IPA Release0.9.1872*September 24, 2017
Previous Production Release0.9.1873September 15, 2017
Previous DEMO/Dealer Release0.9.1874September 15, 2017
Previous Production Release0.9.1840July 23, 2017
Previous DEMO/Dealer Release0.9.1841July 23, 2017
Previous Production Release0.9.1737May 28th, 2017
Previous DEMO/Dealer Release0.9.1738May 28th, 2017
Previous Production Release 0.9..1678April 16th, 2017
Previous Dealer Release0.9..1679April 16th, 2017
Previous Production Release 0.9.1616March 5th, 2017
Previous Dealer Release0.9.1617March 5th, 2017
Previous Production Release 0.9.1490January 29th, 2017
Previous Dealer Release0.9.1491January 29th, 2017
Previous Production Release0.9.1377December 11th, 2016
Preview Dealer Release0.9.1378December 11th, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.1311November 6th, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.1312November 6th, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.1276October 2nd, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.1277October 2nd, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.1161August 21st, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.1162August 21st, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.1089July 24th, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.1090July 24th, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.997June 20th, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.998June 20th, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.990June 12th, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.991June 12th, 2016
Previous Preview Production Release0.9.989June 12th, 2016
Previous Preview Production Release0.9.971June 6th, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.952May 29th, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.953May 29th, 2016
Previous Production Release (Patch 20160520)0.9.940May 20th, 2016
Previous Dealer Release (Patch 20160520)0.9.939May 20th, 2016
BCTS Test Release (Patch 20160520)0.9.941May 20th, 2016
Eco2 Release (Patch 20160520)0.9.948*May 20th, 2016
Previous Production Release (Patch 20160426)0.9.916April 26th, 2016
Previous Dealer Release (Patch 20160426)0.9.917April 26th, 2016
Previous Production Release 0.9.894April 17th, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.895April 17th, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.852March 13th, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.853March 13th, 2016
BCTS TEST Release0.9.834February 9th, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.822January 31st, 2016
Previous Dealer Release0.9.824January 31st, 2016
BCTS TEST Release0.9.832January 28th, 2016
Previous Production Release0.9.779November 29th, 2015
Previous Dealer Release0.9.752November 29th, 2015
Previous Production Release0.9.715October 18th, 2015
Previous Dealer Release0.9.716October 18th, 2015
Eco2 Release0.9.678September 9th, 2015
Previous Production Release0.9.680September 9th, 2015
Previous Dealer Release0.9.681September 9th, 2015
BCTS TEST Release0.9.646August 7th, 2015
Previous Eco2 Release0.9.647August 7th, 2015
Previous Production Release0.9.648August 7th, 2015
Previous Dealer Release0.9.649August 7th, 2015
Sprint 260.9.632July 22, 2015
Previous Production Release0.9.625July 10th, 2015
Previous BCTS Release0.9.623July 10th, 2015
Previous Eco2 Release0.9.624July 10th, 2015
Previous Dealer Release0.9.626July 10th, 2015
Sprint 240.9.604June 30th, 2015
Sprint 230.9.590June 11th, 2015
Previous Production Release0.9.584May 25th, 2015
Previous BCTS Release0.9.586May 25th, 2015
Previous Eco2 Release0.9.588May 25th, 2015
Previous Dealer Release0.9.586May 25th, 2015
Sprint 210.9.581May 13th, 2015
Sprint 200.9.574April 24th, 2015
Sprint 190.9.552April 14th, 2015
Previous Production Release0.9.519March 27th, 2015
Previous Eco2 Release0.9.520March 27th, 2015
Previous Dealer Release0.9.521March 27th, 2015
Sprint 170.9.517March 25th, 2015
Previous Production Release0.9.494February 27th, 2015
Previous Dealer Release0.9.491February 26th, 2015
Sprint 150.9.488February 23rd, 2015
Sprint 140.9.474February 13th, 2015
Sprint 130.9.453January 16th, 2015
Sprint 120.9.446January 14th, 2015
Sprint 110.9.423December 17th, 2014
Sprint 100.9.416November 24th, 2014
Sprint 090.9.400November 7th, 2014
Sprint 080.9.382October 24th, 2014
Sprint 070.9.364October 15th, 2014
Sprint 060.9.322September 23rd, 2014
Sprint 050.9.293September 11th, 2014
Previous BCTS0.7.287September 9th, 2014
Sprint 040.9.250August 1st, 2014


ReleaseVersionRelease Date
Windows Mobile2.2.1.4January 14, 2014


*Current published release of Mobile Builder Server.
ReleaseVersionRelease Date
Mobile Builder Server2.4.1.100*December 10, 2017
Mobile Builder Server2.4.1.35September 24, 2017
Mobile Builder Server 23, 2017
Mobile Builder Server 28th, 2017
Mobile Builder Server2.3.3.166April 16th, 2017
Mobile Builder Server2.3.3.140March 5th, 2017
Mobile Builder Server2.3.3.122January 29th, 2017
Mobile Builder Server2.3.3.82December 11th, 2016
Mobile Builder Server2.3.3.60November 6th, 2016
Mobile Builder Server2.3.3.41October 2nd, 2016
Mobile Builder Server2.3.3.14August 21st, 2016
Mobile Builder Server2.3.2.59July 24th, 2016
Mobile Builder Server 20th, 2016
Mobile Builder Server2.3.2.39June 12th, 2016
Mobile Builder Server 29th, 2016
Mobile Builder Server 17th, 2016
Mobile Builder Server2.3.1.106March 13th, 2016
Mobile Builder Server 31st, 2016
Mobile Builder Server2.3.1.78November 29th, 2015
Mobile Builder Server2.3.1.56October 18th, 2015
Mobile Builder Server2.3.1.39September 13th, 2015
Mobile Builder Server2.3.1.28August 8th, 2015
Mobile Builder Server2.3.1.11July 18th, 2015
Mobile Builder Server2.3.0.60March 28th, 2015
Mobile Builder Server2.3.0.49February 25th, 2015
Mobile Builder Server2.3.0.35January 19th, 2015
Mobile Builder Server2.3.0.33January 14th, 2015
Mobile Builder Server2.3.0.14October 24th, 2014

Release Cadence

  1. Release Candidates follow a 2-3 week sprint cycle and are available to our Dealer Network before being made available for Production use.
  2. Typically we try to make new releases available for Production every other sprint.
  3. Our servers are typically upgraded every other sprint as well.

Support Length

  1. Support for the current client ends once a subsequent client is made available to production and posted on this page.
  2. If you are not on the latest available release we request you upgrade:
    1. The latest production release is published and made available on our Download page.
  3. Custom Release may have different support agreements.