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In response to the needs expressed by forest product clients we have created a Mobile Solution Framework that can be used with a wide variety of handheld devices including iOS, Android, and Windows. It is an ideal solution for organizations ready to make the transition from paper tracking to mobile data capture or for organization that haven’t been able to fully realize the benefits of a mobile data capture solution.

4Loads WorkflowOur Mobile Solution consists of the Mobile Server and a Mobile Client. The Server synchronizes field data with Mobile Client applications built using a Mobile Software Framework. The Mobile Software Framework is used to quickly configure handheld forms for just about any field. Combined, this solution provides a quick response to address unique mobile business needs.

The flexibility of our Mobile Solution ensures the applications match the exact requirements of the tasks at hand. Whether the requirement is a simple field inspection, survey, or audit, the mobile applications are configured to simplify the recording of various types of field data. Our Mobile Solution is ideal for tracking information which will enter the accounting system or results in payments or the capture of sketches and signatures needed to describe or validate a transaction.

If you want to try our mobile solution please see Getting Started for more information.