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Our premier hauling app – 4Loads™ is a mobile ticketing solution that simplifies the creation, access and sharing of harvested timber data for loggers, foresters and haulers. The solution provides forestry workers a simple way to enter and manage load data that eliminates manual tracking, provides instant access to the data online, and reduces time to summarize load financial information.

Loggers, foresters, and haulers can now directly download Mobile Builder with the 4Loads application. The 4Loads application has a built in DEMO account to let anyone try out 4Loads. If you are interested in a free trial or other applications then contact your local dealer or send us a request and we can give you a free thirty day trial.

If you have previously installed Mobile Builder we encourage you to complete all existing tickets and synchronize your device to ensure all data has been saved to the cloud. After all tickets have been completed then it is safe to uninstall the current application and reinstall it from either the App Store or Google Play. Once you have installed 4Loads Mobile Builder from one of the store, then future releases will automatically be made available on your device.

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The App Store applications provide a read-only DEMO access of what is available with Mobile Builder.  To fully utilize any of the applications or make your own you will need to purchase an annual subscription.

After registering and logging into this site most registered users will have full access to the latest Production release of 4Loads or FieldKit.

Trimble Forestry Dealers and Staff can navigate to the Download > DEMO Download page to download the Mobile Builder application for special demonstration projects.