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Tutorial – QA Workflow

Tutorial – QA Workflow for Office Admin This tutorial explains how to apply the enhanced web editing features for reviewing 4Loads tickets and editing records before they are completed. Pre-requisites The enhanced web editing features are available with Mobile Builder Server or later. These features are restricted to Organization Administrator roles and not available […]

Tutorial – View Log Sheet

Tutorial – Enable Support for Log Sheets This tutorial explains how to set up your device to remember the activity for any number of days. This will let you mimic a log sheet for your device. Pre-requisites You will need to upgrade your app to Android 0.9.787 or iOS 0.9.1276 released October 2nd, 2016, or […]

Tutorial – Reassign

Tutorial – Reassign

  Mobile Builder Bulk Reassign This tutorial describes how to reassign jobs/tickets/records on your device to another person within your organization. You can reassign records using either the Tabular List View or the Map View using a similar workflow as our Bulk Compete. Screenshots will be iOS, but similar workflow should be applied to Android. […]

Tutorial – Get Started

Steps to register and download our Mobile Solutions application for iOS or Android.

Tutorial – Get Started with 4Lo...

Select solutions are now available for production and demonstration purposes.  You can read the Tutorial – Get Started which will guide you through the steps to try the 4Loads application.

Tutorial – Request Invitation C...

In order to download Mobile Builder you will first need an invitation code to register an account with this site.  The registration process is currently an invitation only system. To get an invitation code contact your Trimble Forestry representative or follow the steps below: Request an invitation code through your Trimble Forestry representative or through the Contact […]

Tutorial – Install Mobile Build...

Tutorial showing how to install the Trimble Forestry Mobile Builder Application including 4Loads.

Tutorial – Mobile Builder Navig...

Tabular and Spatial Tips for navigating in the Mobile Builder Application.

4Loads Tutorial – Part 1 –...

A tutorial illustrating how to enter and save data in 4Loads.